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Information Technology has become one of the most strategic tools for the senior management of every conceivable kind of industry and business from pharmaceutical companies to high finance and technology companies.

Many larger firms hire a Chief Information Officer who sits alongside board members making key decisions about investment, forward planning and growth strategies.

In the health care sector in Japan and China, there is an increasing need for professionals in the data management sector who understand data and project management in the areas of scientific research and clinical trials. It’s an exciting and ever changing industry and companies need equally innovative professionals to manage rapid change.

Setting a clear career path for the professional within a firm is one of the areas in which ACGS can assist our individual clients. ACGS acts as a strategic adviser in motivating successful candidates to understand their true value in the job market.

For our client companies, many are centralizing their information technology systems in order to save cost, so multi-language IT engineers become in even higher demand. Retaining them is equally challenging.

ACGS has a database of 5,000 qualified specialists covering 25 different nationalities and including bilingual foreign and Japanese professionals and trilingual Chinese.

We are a boutique firm, which handles only a few assignments at the same time in order to provide our clients with personalized service – both for companies seeking professionals and to individuals looking for a new career challenge.

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Annie Chang
Founder President